Standard Valves Ltd

Standard Valves Ltd was incorporated in 1916 (Company No. 145246), and specialised in supplying replacement valves to the motor industry. They shared premises with The Advance Motor Manufacturing Co. in Kingsthorpe Road, Northampton. The Factory was at the corner Kingsthorpe and Balmoral Roads. Advance had already moved from Louise Road in 1912, to their larger Premises. Their entry in Kelly's directory for 1920 & 1924 listed them being at Kingsthorpe Road. However they used Balmoral Road as their trading address, persumably to give some seperation from Advance.

Standard Valves' Advert in Whipple's Directory from 1936.

From their advert we can see they were contractors to the War Office, Admiralty & Air Ministry. They made valves for many American & European engines, including Chevrolet, Chrysler and Studebaker.

Standard Valves Ltd were finally disolved in 1977.