Bush Glider No.4

Eldon, Gilbert and Jon Bush had already built built 3 gliders by 1910 although their No.2 was No.1 in a reconstructed form. No.1 was of the Wright type and did not fly. No. 2 was a lightened version of the first and although it flew is was unstable. No. 3 was of the Curtis type and was built in 1910.The lower wings had ailerons hinged on their trailing edges. Span was 30ft, length 24ft & area 260 sq ft. The No.3 flew some short distances

Eldon Bush built the No.4 at Cambridge in 1910 while he was a student at the University. It was of the Farman type and was fitted with a wheeled undercarrige for auto-towing. It was constructed of hickory with fabric covered wings.

No.s 5,6 & 7 were modifications of No. 4 with the front elevator removed. No. 7 was known as the 'Chocolate Soldier' and had Bleriot type elevators. It was smashed while under tow by a car.

The Bush Motorplane biplanes No.s 8 & 9 were built at Bath. No. 8 was built by Eldon & Gilbert in 1912. It was on the same lines as a Caudron tractor biplane and was a single seater. It was the intention to fit an in-line engine. However it was not possible to obtain such an engine within their budget, so the brothers accepted the loan of a 50hp Gnome Rotary. The nacelle was widened to suit the rotary engine, after which it was re-designated as the No.9. It was planned that Eldon would demonstrate the biplane at Hendon. However during trials at Keynsham the propellor shaft snapped and a replacement engine could not be found before Eldon as due to go on business to Canada. On his return in 1915 Eldon joined the R.N.A.S., but was killed while flying on anti-submarine patrol from Fishguard in 1917. The youngest of the three brothers became a pilot in the R.F.C. during 1916 and fortuneatly survived a severe crash in France in 1917.

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